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CBD Canna Coffee

CBD Infused Coffee

Rebalance & Refocus with Canna Coffee's CBD-infused coffee.

Your daily caffeine kick with an added dose of calm, exclusively available at SOMA.

Why CBD Coffee?

Progressive with coffee

SOMA are always looking at new and progressive trends - not just in the coffee industry, but in industries around the world. Sometimes, we see something that that merges a progressive new industry with our beloved coffee industry.


That's where The Hashtag Company comes into play.

The Hashtag Company's mission is to raise awareness of the hemp plant and its benefits through great tasting products, while promoting sustainability. They wish to change the status quo with how they approach and demonstrate the value of one of the worlds most sustainable and nutritious plants. One of their most popular products (and one that we are delighted to start stocking) is Canna Coffee, CBD infused coffee.


This coffee uses modern technology to infuse 200mg of CBD into every bag of coffee beans. In order for CBD to be effective, it requires regular, daily use, and we know how hard it can be to remember to do something every day. Why not make it part of your morning ritual and try swopping your morning brew for a cup of CBD infused coffee instead.

Bringing a new product to market is no easy feat, and the the good folk at The Hashtag company have spent years perfecting the craft of infusing CBD into coffee as well as the long processes involved in getting their CBD products legal and certified. 

Get your bag of CBD infused coffee today and get your caffeine fix with an added dose of peace and calm.

Silver Nourish Award 2021
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